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Wakefield offers the opportunity to work alongside some of New Zealand’s top specialists in modern facilities using the latest techniques and equipment. We value our highly skilled staff and offer ongoing training.

Our specialists perform a wide range of diagnostic, interventional and surgical procedures, including cardiac surgery. Evolution Healthcare regularly invests into our facilities and equipment, allowing specialists and staff to practise their profession within a superior medical environment.

Wakefield has 6 operating theatres, along with a 31-bed hospital, 10 recovery beds, imaging services, Angiography Suite, dedicated 5-bed Intensive Care Unit, Endoscopy Unit and Cardiac Labs, providing staff with the opportunity to experience a range of diverse work environments. We also provide staff with a safe, friendly, inclusive and diverse workplace. We have a proud tradition of patient care with over 90 years of supporting our community.

Wakefield Hospital is not a training facility therefore do not offer elective placements to international students. Click the links below to find out more about working with the team at Wakefield Hospital.

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